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Disability Grants News - Help Us to Help You - October 2021
October 28, 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 edition of Disability Grants News.

It has been a while since Disability Grants sent out a newsletter so there’s a lot to catch up on!

The Covid 19 Pandemic has taken its toll with charities closing or reducing the support they can offer through lack of funding or staff furlough.   Much of our time has been spent updating the website to reflect these changes.

There may be other changes that we don’t know about so please notify us through our online form:

Charity Changes and Errors

Before starting your search for grants I recommend that you take the time to read about grants…


About Grants section

Children and Young People

Grants for Disabled Children – An Introduction

This will give you a grounding on how to apply and what you can apply for.  The website’s Site Search has also been updated to make it easier for you to search for grants.

Please check that you met a Charity’s grant criteria before making an application.  Each charity is different.

There have been too many additions and changes to mention so this newsletter is going to focus on an appeal for help and news items.

Help Us to Help You

Our most FAQ is about household items and bills.  There are several pages on the website that provide information…

Grants for Household Items

Secondhand Furniture and Household Items

We've set up a map to identify organisations across the UK who offer support.  This has had a great response but we need your help to find more organisations that provide household items at cost, reduced price or free. 

This includes white goods, beds, carpets, sofa and any other essential items.

If you complete the online form we will add the details to the map.  As soon as your information is added to the map it will be live on the website.

This will help both individuals and Professionals who are supporting individuals, children and families with disabilities.


Disability News

  • The Good Law Project has produced a guide for parents and schools on school attendance and clinically vulnerable families.  Great news for many families. 


  • Disabled Children – A legal handbook was reprinted just before the Pandemic.  Written by Steve Brooch and Luke Clements it is an accessible guide to the rights of disabled children.  Unfortunately, it costs £50 but some parent/carers group might have a copy to loan.


  • The Council for Disabled Children now have a Case Law Directory to help parent/carers challenge discrimination and to ensure that their child receives the services they are entitled


  • Autism assessments are available to eligible children aged 4 to 11 years across the UK from Caudwell Children.  Funding is available for children with a referral from a health, education or social care professional - plus a household income of £45,000 per year or less, not including benefits.  Self-funded assessments are also available.


  • Benefits and Work have introduced a PIP (Personal Independence Payment)  Online Academy.  The training is interactive and includes training modules, case studies and quizzes to increase your understanding of PIP.  It will be useful to individuals, carers and professionals making a claim.  At £4.50 a module it is good value.  Subscribers receive a discount.


  • Disabled people have been urged to provide evidence for the United Nations on our Government’s record on the Rights of Persons with a Disability.  This is being led by Inclusion London on behalf of the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA).  Deadline for submissions: 5pm on Monday 22nd November 2021


  • Funding Central closed earlier this year and has been replaced with a new database My Funding Central.  Charities and disability organisations will need to register to access their information on grant funding.  It is available to organisations with an annual income below £1m and free to organisations under 30K.


Please don't forget that Disability Grants is a shared resource where everyone helps each other..... So, do participate and share your knowledge and experiences.

Help and Be Helped

All the best

Julia Tyrrell

Founder of Disability Grants

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