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Family holiday with Autistic Son (15) and Carer to Orlando

by Debbie

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me.

As a family we haven't had a proper family holiday for years and due to my sons ages I think that next year will be our final chance before they start flying the nest.

Our last family holiday was when the children were young and we went to Disneyland Paris during term time and the change in my autistic son was huge. He started using words and queueing for short periods.

Due to my son's needs I will need to take a carer with us so that we all have the opportunity to have a break. I will need to pay the carer and all her holiday expenses.

My son's social worker has advised us that we can claim some of the hours from his direct payment to cover part of the care time. But this still leaves us with a large bill.

We manage our son with very limited external support but the older he gets the more likely it is that he will need to leave the family home.

Is there a grant out there that could give us some money towards the holiday? We are not eligible for Family Fund.

Many thanks


Hi Debbie, The only children's charities I know who fund trips to Florida are the wish charities. Details can be found here.....
Dreams and Wishes for Disabled Children

Another option is to see if you can obtain a contribution towards the cost of the holiday and the carer.

A local charity who may be able to help is Wipe away those tears

As money is very tight for charities and well as families you may have to consider some kind of fundraising yourselves for the outstanding amount.

I do hope this helps and you manage to find the funds for your family holiday.


Comments for Family holiday with Autistic Son (15) and Carer to Orlando

My terminally ill sister.
by: Leanne Green

My name is Leanne and I have a terminally sister who is 23 this year. She is dying of a genetic brain disorder and she also has brain damage from birth, so her actual mental age is about 7yrs.

Our family think that this is going to be her last year with us I'm afraid to say and we as a family would like to take her to Florida on a family holiday.

She was on a family holiday about 6 years ago, that was her last holiday and she loved Florida Soooo much.

But as people know that money is even so tight for everybody at the moment. Our family wondered whether you know of a organisation or a charity that would fund a trip for Florida for my Fab baby sister.

yours thankfully.

Leanne Green


Hi Leanne I'm really sorry to hear about your sister - it must be a difficult time for you all.

One charity that might be able to help is the Willow Foundation. They support adults up to 40 years.

Good luck!

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