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Owl Cafe, Sawston Free Church, Sawston, Cambs

Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 3.30pm Our accessible cafe has indoor and outside seating areas, with free internet access and newspapers. There

Continue reading "Owl Cafe, Sawston Free Church, Sawston, Cambs "

Whistle Stop Cafe

The Whistle Stop Cafe is a small cafe based in Tweedbank, Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. The Cafe is part of Working Together Social Enterprises

Continue reading "Whistle Stop Cafe"

Carers Trust

Grants for individual adult carers over 16 years.

Continue reading "Carers Trust"

Cornerstone Cafe - Cambridge

Cornerstone Cafe in St Phillip’s Church on Mill Road serves delicious, freshly made food. Its menu includes breakfasts, coffee, cakes and hot and cold

Continue reading "Cornerstone Cafe - Cambridge"

Beehive Cafe

One of our biggest achievements has been to open a café which provides a wonderful friendly hub for all our disabled clients and their families and carers,

Continue reading "Beehive Cafe"

Disability Grants News - April 2017

Just released! The April 2017 edition of Disability Grants News.

Continue reading "Disability Grants News - April 2017"

Christine's Community Café - Sherwood, Nottingham

We are an accessible community cafe offering a welcoming, friendly cafe space for everyone. We have provided an apprenticeship and employment for a young

Continue reading "Christine's Community Café - Sherwood, Nottingham"

Marina Cafe - Adlington, Chorley, Lancashire

Marina Cafe is a small cafe run by The Brothers of Charity. The food is served by young people with learning disabilities. It serves homemade food.

Continue reading "Marina Cafe - Adlington, Chorley, Lancashire"

Mug Shot - Fareham, Hampshire

A brilliant cafe run by Amanda and her family... Amanda supports training for people with learning difficulties so that they gain the much needed experience

Continue reading "Mug Shot - Fareham, Hampshire"

Special Needs Cafes in the UK

Find out about special needs cafes in the UK - where they are located and what they provide.

Continue reading "Special Needs Cafes in the UK"

Core Market Fund

A new initiative from Sport England to help the active stay active when life changes.

Continue reading "Core Market Fund"

Cash 4 Clubs

Is offering grants up to �1000 to help staff or volunteers gain sports qualifications. Deadline: 26th May 2017

Continue reading "Cash 4 Clubs"

Grants for the Arts

The Arts Council England are offering awards for individuals, organisations and people who use art in their work.

Continue reading "Grants for the Arts"

Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards

Small grants for organisations in Gloucester to help make a difference.

Continue reading "Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards"

Disability Grants News - February 2017

Just Released! The February 2017 edition of Disability Grants News.

Continue reading "Disability Grants News - February 2017"

Oli Bennett Charitable Trust

Supports young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 30 years with financial aid.

Continue reading "Oli Bennett Charitable Trust"

Kids Pass

A membership website offering up to 40% discounts on days out for kids.

Continue reading "Kids Pass"

Charity Changes and Errors

Let us know about any charity changes or errors on the Disability Grants website.

Continue reading "Charity Changes and Errors"

Disability Grants News - January 2017

Just released! The New Year edition of Disability Grants News

Continue reading "Disability Grants News - January 2017"

The Charity for Civil Servants

Helps past and present Civil Servants with financial support and advice on a range of issues.

Continue reading "The Charity for Civil Servants"

Joshua Wilson Charity

Supports families living with childhood brain tumours and post-operative complications in England and Wales.

Continue reading "Joshua Wilson Charity"

Stand Down

The Stand Down charity offers free online counselling to veterans and their families.

Continue reading "Stand Down"

Awards for Young Musicians

Is open for applications. For young musicians aged 5 to 17 years.

Continue reading "Awards for Young Musicians"

Postcode Trust

2017 grant programme for the Postcode Trust opens 23rd January 2017 for expressions of interest.

Continue reading "Postcode Trust"

Community Directplus

Community groups with the Cooperative Bank's Community Direct Plus account may apply for funding towards special projects and fundraising activities.

Continue reading "Community Directplus"

Co-operative Local Community Fund

Is now open to applications from small, locally based voluntary and community groups.

Continue reading "Co-operative Local Community Fund"

Little Wings

Free of charge medical air charters in aircraft for children and adults with life threatening injuries or illnesses.

Continue reading "Little Wings"

Dizzy Divers

Funding towards learning to scuba diving for disabled and disadvantaged children and adults.

Continue reading "Dizzy Divers"

Grants for Disabled Veterans

Search for grants for disabled veterans, service personnel and their families

Continue reading "Grants for Disabled Veterans"

Independence at Home

Financial support for a wide range of disability equipment, home adaptations or other essential items to improve independence and quality of life.

Continue reading "Independence at Home"

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