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Disability Grants News January/February2016
February 03, 2016

To the January/February 2016 issue of Disability Grants News - a monthly round up of what's new on the Disability Grants website and resources for anyone with a disability, caring for or working with disabled adults or children.

Updated Pages

Grants for Sports

Grant News

Children and Young People

  • Applications are now open for respite breaks with the Lennox Children's Cancer Fund. The holidays are free if if your child is under 18 years and diagnosed with Leukaemia or cancer in the last 12 months

  • Apply online for Merlins Magic Wand. It provides magical experiences for seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged children (2 -18 years) at attractions, such as Legoland, Sealife and Madame Tussauds. Open to individual families, organisations and schools.

Sport funding for Individuals and Groups

  • Wheels for Wellbeing helps disabled children and adults in south London enjoy the benefits for cycling. Lots of different types for bikes and trikes to try out to find out the right solution for you.

  • Sportivate is a Sport England funding initiative to encourage young people aged 14 to 25 years to participate in sport.

  • Grants of £300 - £2,500 to groups and individuals who provide and promote swimming in their local community from the Swimathon Foundation. Closing date: 4th March 2016.

Need a short break or a holiday?

  • Check out the Holiday pages for details of charities providing grants to help you and your family get away.

  • Carers can access short breaks through a Carers Assessment undertaken by social services - available to anyone providing substantial care.

Other Grants

  • The Janki Saye Foundation provide grants towards assistive technology for individuals with disabilities and special needs.

  • The Unlimited 111 fund from the Arts Council England offers funding for organisations supporting the work of deaf and disabled artists.

  • If you have been refused funding through the Disabled Facilities Grant have a look at the ACT Foundation as it offers grants for building work, equipment and respite.

  • Fable helps children and adults with epilepsy by providing information and advice on VNS Therapy. They also provide wishes and dreams for anyone affected by epilepsy.

  • Epilepsy Scotland supports individuals and families in Scotland living with epilepsy.

Community Grants

  • The Toy Trust offers funding for charities helping disadvantaged and disabled children within the UK and abroad. The charity has previously funded special schools, hospices and other charities that support disabled children.

  • The Will Charitable Trust provides financial assistance to UK Charities or exempt charities working with the blind, learning difficulties and Cancer care.

  • DM Thomas Foundation supports charities and not for profit organisations that help disadvantaged children including disabled children and children in hospital.


  • The Carers Rights Guide 2016 is free to download from Carers UK - outline of your rights as a carer and other support available.

Good News

  • Carers in receipt of Carers Allowance are to be exempt from the benefit cap.

  • This week the Court of Appeal has ruled that the Bedroom Tax discriminates against disabled children. Thanks to Paul and Susan Rutherford who challenged the decision on behalf of their grandson. Disabled children are now allowed a spare room to store equipment the same as disabled adults.

  • The Government were also defeated in the House of Lords over it's plans to cut support for the disabled found "not fit for work". sure to check out the latest offers from Disability Solutions. All profits from sales helps maintain Disability Grants as a free resource.

Disability Grants is a shared resource where everyone helps each other..... So, do participate and share your knowledge and experiences either on Your Grants or Disability Discounts.

Help and Be Helped

All the best

Julia Tyrrell

Founder of Disability Grants and Disability Solutions

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